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Leaders Helping Leaders

The Potential Dialogue Institute comprises tens of thousands of current and emerging leaders that have engaged with us over the years to learn and apply aspects of The Potential Dialogue System into their work, family and communities.  Most of our longer sessions now feature participants creating WhatsApp Groups to continue dialogue and relationships after our fun together.  To date there are roughly a dozen such groups in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.  Groups range in size from 3-37 people and average around 20 people each.  One group is five years old and participants still message each other regularly. 

In addition to our participants, the following people have been instrumental over the years in developing the Potential Dialogue System into what it is today.  I am forever indebted.

Master Trainers

Master trainers are subject matter experts in their own right and people with whom I have partnered to create outstanding tailored client workshops over the years.

Licensed Trainers

Licensed trainers are people who have furthered their careers by attending the Potential Dialogue Institute Train the Trainer to license in one or more of our PDS modules.

Outstanding Interns

Potential engages recent graduates and visiting scholars to provide them with a career accelerator that enables them to learn about the inside workings of many of our clients while assisting with engagement delivery and administration.  Most interns stay with us for one year and point to this experience as a definite advantage in their career development. 

I still use the cheat sheet cards today - so 15 years of use and have found the methods to be tremendously effective to size up those I negotiate with and to prep for my weaknesses.
— Dan Klinck


In moving from one of the biggest firms in the world to working for myself I had to learn about a lot of things but most important was to learn what I really wanted to do and how to succeed doing it.  In specialising in dialogue and negotiation these are some of the thought leaders who through personal example and teaching enabled me to build Potential to what it is today. 

Outstanding Dialogue Leaders

When you work with hundreds of clients there are a few that rise to the top through their commitment to and understanding of the importance of dialogue and negotiation.  While I am certainly missing some key names, I wish to credit the following for being dialogue leaders in their organisations and helping the world realise the solution is in the dialogue.