Tailored to Your Situation


Modular workshops

to suit your unique situation and audience

What are the workshops about?

We offer workshops on:

  • Dialogue strategy, skills & methods, running great meetings

  • Negotiation tactics, preparing the issues, concession making and taking

  • Diagnosing and handling conflict, managing stress & emotional situations

  • Business development for professionals, presenting and selling your ideas to others

  • Management & leadership topics to succeed today

Who are the workshops for?

We normally run workshops for senior grade executives inside companies and government departments who are looking for applied solutions to problems they are facing internally or externally or both.

We also run workshops for membership groups such as chambers of commerce, management institutes, charities and other such groups that are looking for guest speakers and trainers to address specific topics of interest to their members.

We lead classes for schools and universities seeking outside experts wanting to share real-life and practical scenarios with students wanting to learn from others and those needing to prepare and tackle problems in their own organisations.

What do the workshops look like and how long do they last?

I was fortunate to attend Peter’s negotiation skills workshop in Perth with a colleague of mine. By the morning tea break, we were commenting to each other on the accuracy of the personality grouping and recognising the way they affected the dynamics of our team. The advice and skills we received was easy to implement on our return to the office and allowed us to communicate and negotiate more effectively with colleagues and clients of differing personality types. We’ve also shared this knowledge with our colleagues at the office and regularly refer back to this training in our discussions. I can highly recommend Peter’s training and workshops to anyone who has to communicate effectively with others - so really, to anyone!
— Emma Everett

Our workshops last anywhere from a 1-50 hours, e.g. lunch talk through to 8 working days the difference being the breadth and depth into which we delve with the audience. Audience size has varied from 4-1000 but normally consists of 12-30 people seated in table groups. Workshops are interactive, experiential and designed to apply best practices to current challenges and opportunities faced by participants. Expect to share, learn, role-play and laugh. Don’t expect to sit in the back on your phone. The solution is in the dialogue.

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