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Peter Nixon speaks at global and regional conferences, offsites, seminars, annual meetings, team meetings, clubs, universities, schools and various summits around the world. Peter brings his trainer skills to the fore in his keynote delivery. By using current anecdotes to reinforce simple frameworks, engaging listeners with activities, and leveraging the local situation as much as possible, listeners walk away with practical tips, a handy pocket card summarising key points and new or stronger relationships with other audience members.

Your material is most fascinating and you’re absolutely right the environment is getting much more complex and government does have to dialogue more effectively. Hopefully the national conversation effort will be a good chance for us to sharpen our skills and explore new ways of doing things!
— Seng Teck

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Peter speaks on the topics of his books and will tailor his remarks to meet the needs of your audience, surface key issues needing to be addressed, share a laugh and introduce key skills. To book Peter for a keynote address in your organisation, please complete the form below.

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